Advocate for Freedom Club

Advocate for Freedom Club

Dear Members of the Cowichan-Malahat-Langford Conservative Association,

We are delighted to share an exciting initiative spearheaded by your local Electoral District Association for the Conservative Party and extend an invitation for you to join us in this significant endeavor.

As we gear up for the impending election, we recognize the importance of garnering support to raise funds. In acknowledgment of the generosity of our contributors, we present the Advocate for Freedom Club, an exclusive group for individuals making contributions of $400 or more in a single calendar year, whether through monthly installments or a one-time donation.

Central to this initiative is a meticulously designed full-size lapel pin, a symbolic emblem representing the dedication and generosity of our valued supporters. The Advocate for Freedom Club seeks to unite like-minded individuals actively engaged in promoting the principles of freedom through various means, including raising awareness and participating in advocacy efforts. We would like to highlight that the pin was intentionally crafted to avoid appearing overtly partisan. This deliberate choice allows its attractiveness to spark inquiries about its significance, providing wearers with a unique opportunity to describe and promote what it represents — the freedoms championed by the Conservative Party in Canada.

First Edition Collectors' Opportunity!

Be among the first 100 individuals to proudly sport the inaugural CML-EDA AFF Pin. This exclusive first edition pin marks the beginning of our annual collection. Wear it or collect it — embrace the opportunity to be part of history as a trailblazer in our planned series of annual pins. Act swiftly to secure your place among the privileged first 100 collectors, and let the Advocate for Freedom Pin be a unique testament to your dedication to the cause.

This club is dedicated to championing Personal Freedom, emphasizing an individual's right to make choices, express oneself, including the right to practice one's religion without interference, and pursue personal interests without undue interference or constraint by the government. Additionally, it advocates for Political Freedom, encompassing rights and liberties that enable individuals to engage in the political process, including freedom of speech, assembly, association, and the right to vote.

Economic Freedom is a key focus, promoting the ability of individuals and businesses to engage in voluntary economic transactions, operate without excessive government intervention, and enjoy property rights in the fruits of their labor. Lastly, the club upholds Social Freedom, allowing individuals to pursue opportunities without discrimination while safeguarding parental rights in decision-making for their children's well-being.

To express our gratitude, contributors of $400 will receive a tax credit of $300, effectively reducing their contribution to just $100. Notably, donations must be made directly to the Cowichan-Malahat-Langford Electoral District Association, as we are the proud sponsors of the Advocate for Freedom Club.

Members of the club will receive a full-size pin, (featuring a secure jewelry clasp) adorned with these principles. Additionally, they will enjoy a discount at any EDA event with an admission fee during the contribution year. This serves as a small gesture to express our ongoing gratitude for your commitment to the principles of freedom and your support for our cause.

Exclusive First Edition Offer!!

We have produced a limited edition of 100 pins, and once they are distributed, the die-cast mold will be destroyed for our EDA. By securing one of these 100 pins, you will be contributing towards our goal of $40,000 towards our election fund, vital for an election that could happen at any time.

With your support, we are confident that the Advocate for Freedom Club will evolve into a potent force for positive change. Regardless of the amount contributed, be it the amount required for the Freedom Club or a different sum, your involvement will significantly contribute to our shared mission.

For Supporters who are not yet Members, we welcome you to join the Conservative Party of Canada and become part of the Advocate for Freedom Club. To acquire the exclusive Advocate lapel pin, please complete your Membership application click here and then make your $400 donation here. Members also have the option to make a single monthly payment of $35 over twelve months to reach the $400 threshold. Recognizing the dedication and commitment that Conservatives demonstrate, your Advocate pin will be sent upon the completion of your first monthly payment.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Martin Knight, our Membership Director, via email.

Thank you for considering this unique opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to promoting and preserving Freedom.



Cowichan-Malahat-Langford Conservative Association
Advocate for Freedom Club Pin
January 2024

The actual size is commensurate to a one-dollar coin.