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Conservative Party Principles

2.1 The Conservative Party of Canada is founded on and will be guided in its policy formation by the following principles.

 2.1.1 A belief in a balance between fiscal responsibility, compassionate social policy that empowers the less fortunate by promoting self reliance and equality of opportunity, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals, families and free associations.

 2.1.2 The goal of building a national coalition of people who share these beliefs and who reflect the regional, cultural and socio-economic diversity of Canada.

2.1.3 The goal of developing this coalition, embracing our differences and respecting our traditions, yet honouring a concept of Canada as the greater sum of strong parts.

2.1.4 The Conservative Party of Canada will operate in a manner Accountable and responsive to its members.

2.1.5 A belief in loyalty to a sovereign and united Canada governed in accordance with the Constitution of Canada, the supremacy of democratic parliamentary institutions and the rule of law.

2.1.6 A belief in the value and dignity of all human life.

2.1.7 A belief in the equality of all Canadians.

2.1.8 A belief in the freedom of the individual, including freedom of speech, worship and assembly.

2.1.9 A belief in our constitutional monarchy, the institutions of Parliament and the democratic process.

2.1.10 A belief in the federal system of government as the best expression of the diversity of our country, and in the desirability of strong provincial and territorial governments.

2.1.11 A belief that English and French have equality of status, and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of the Parliament and Government of Canada.

2.1.12 A belief that the best guarantors of the prosperity and well-being of the People of Canada are: the freedom of individual Canadians to pursue their enlightened and legitimate self-interest within a free competitive economy; the freedom of individual Canadians to enjoy the fruits of their labour to the greatest possible extent; the right to own property.

2.1.13 A belief that a responsible government must be fiscally prudent and should be limited to those responsibilities which cannot be discharged reasonably by the individual or others.

2.1.14 A belief that it is the responsibility of individuals to provide for themselves, their families and their dependents, while recognizing that government must respond to those who require assistance and compassion.

2.1.15 A belief that the purpose of Canada as a nation state and its government, guided by reflective and prudent leadership, is to create a climate wherein individual initiative is rewarded, excellence is pursued, security and privacy of the individual is provided and prosperity is guaranteed by a free competitive market economy.

2.1.16 A belief that Canada should continue its strong heritage of national defence, supporting a well-armed military, honouring those who serve, and promoting our history and traditions.

2.1.17 A belief that the quality of the environment is a vital part of our heritage to be protected by each generation for the next.

2.1.18 A belief that Canada should accept its obligations among the nations of the world.

2.1.19 A belief that Canadian Jurisdiction extends beyond the coastline to include the internationally recognized regions of the Territorial Sea, Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Continental Shelf.

2.1.20 A belief that good and responsible government is attentive to the people it represents and consists of members who at all times conduct themselves in an ethical manner and display integrity, honesty and concern for the best interest of all.

2.1.21 A belief that all Canadians should have reasonable access to quality healthcare regardless of their ability to pay.

2.1.22 A belief that the greatest potential for achieving social and economic objectives is under a global trading regime that is free and fair.

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