About our Candidate

Alana DeLong is the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for the electoral district of Cowichan-Malahat-Langford in the upcoming federal election. A four-term provincial MLA, Alana brings extensive government experience and a strong belief in fiscal responsibility to the riding. “It is not government money, it is the people’s money, something all politicians need to remember.”

The recognition that fiscal responsibility plays a major role in improving people’s lives came early in her political life. She was first elected to serve in the last Ralph Klein government, the premier who eliminated Alberta debt. Three more terms under three different premiers taught her how to advance her constituents needs at the caucus table.

“I worked alongside Alana for 7 years as a Calgary MLA. Alana i s hard working and puts her constituents first. She’d make a great Member of Parliament!” Jonathon Denis, former Alberta Minister of Justice and Solicitor General.

In her last term, Ms. DeLong served on the Standing Policy Committee for Economic Futures; Standing Committee on Private Bills; and Standing Committee on Legislative Offices.  She also chaired the Seniors Advisory Council for Alberta and the Alberta delegation to the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER). She also served as the Canadian Vice President of PNWER and the co-chair of it’s Innovation Stream.  

Ms. Delong was born in Nelson, British Columbia, and raised on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. After graduating from Vic High, she obtained her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in mathematics from the University of British Columbia. She then moved to Calgary, where she attended courses at the University of Calgary, Master’s in Computer Science Program.

Ms. DeLong has more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology and has worked for many leading high-tech computer firms, as President of Sterlingrock Systems Incorporated, as the first female computer mainframe salesman with Sperry Univac, as the first female marketing manager with Canadian General Electric.

An active member of her community, some of Ms. DeLong’s past contributions have been as President of Tuesday Nooners Toastmasters and as a singer with the Calgary Opera Chorus. She has campaigned extensively for the Red Cross Society, the Cancer Fund, the Heart and Stroke Fund, Flowers of Hope, and various municipal, national and provincial elections.  She hosted a TV ski program and acted on stage and television.

Alana and her husband live on Thetis Island Alana DeLong has two grown children, Samantha and James.